Windows Live Update 1

Ok, I’ve used the Live platform for blogging and email for a couple days now. Here are my initial thoughts.


Not terribly impressed yet. I like having it on in the background, and I like the update sound.

I’m not terribly impressed with the way it organizes my email. I like all my email sorted from newest to oldest first, and Windows Mail kind of does that.

But I’ve noticed that it doesn’t archive all of my conversations in order… or at least, not as comprehensively in some cases. This could be because it’s importing email conversations from Gmail, so I’ll give live a couple more days of testing before I pass judgment.

Also, I’ve checked my Gmail account in addition to using Windows Mail, and I’ve noticed things appear on my Gmail before my Windows Live account. This makes sense because my Mail account imports email from Gmail, but the delay is as long as one or two hours. I’ll see if this persists, but if this keeps up, it gives my Gmail account huge points.

I haven’t done any intensive email writing since I started using the program, but I’ll give that the run-through in the next couple days.


I like writer so far, especially when I remember to use it. It doesn’t completely replace WordPress or Blogger, but it’s a great way to edit and update posts so far.

The first thing I noticed was that your tags and categories are at the top of your editor, as opposed to on the bottom and on the side. I always forget to add those when using my web-based blogging software.

It’s easy to manage multiple blog accounts with Windows Live Writer, and it doesn’t matter if you use multiple blogging platforms. I use WordPress for this blog, but I also blog using Blogger. Switching blogs can be done from the home menu, and inserting photos and videos is done with the click of a button.

Windows Live writer doesn’t have any way to measure traffic to your blog, unfortunately, and I am unsure if you can respond to comments using Windows Live. But if you are writing quick blog posts, or if you are working on multiple blog posts for multiple blog accounts, this is a brilliant solution.


I see myself using Writer on a regular basis. I’m still unsure about Mail, and I see how it could have some redeeming features, so I’m undecided on Mail.

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