Almost 4 years strong! Wow!

Who would have thought I could keep a project running for 4 years? But I’m on the cusp of doing it. My blog, Bryan’s Sophia, is nearly 4 years old. I am proud of myself for keeping a blog and keeping my thoughts on electronic paper.

In the beginning

This used to be a blog to express my philosophical thoughts. I’ve since moved on to day-to-day stuff and things such as reviews of Microsoft Live software, but I’ve also tried (and failed) to make it my PR oriented blog. That was an epic fail. (If you want to check out my thoughts on PR, visit my PR blog here).

I still read philosophy on a regular basis, and have found it an entertaining way to grow my vocabulary, but I am currently preoccupied in more tangible pursuits (like making $$).

I remember when all of my friends used WordPress (Emo blogger, anyone?). I still haven’t updated my blogroll from that time (maybe I should), but the majority of them are using sites such as Tumblr and Blogger to blog.

As of now

I’m writing about Microsoft Live. MS Live Writer has taken over my blog writing, but I’m still undecided about MS Live Mail. As of now, I see myself using GMail, but I know MS Live Mail has its uses.

I’m in the midst of a transition. Expect more day-to-day posts as I document my progress.

In the future

Who knows. When I become a legitimate PR pro, I might buy the “” web domain and host my blog there until infinity. We shall see. One thing remains certain, however. As long as exists, so shall my blog.

Regarding Microsoft Live Suite

I will continue my review sometime later. I’m still “testing” and deciding. Also, I have more Live products to review, such as “Picture Viewer” and whatnot.

Thanks for Reading!

To all who have kept up, thanks! Subscribe to what I’m doing, leave me a comment or shoot me an email. I’d love to hear from you.

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