Windows Live Update 2

Windows Live is much more than Mail and Writer. Windows Live Movie Maker and Windows Photo Gallery are two programs I use in addition to Mail and Writer, and as far as free products go, they aren’t too bad. However, as the old adage goes, you get what you pay for.

Windows Live Movie Maker

You can download Windows Live Movie Maker for free from Microsoft’s website. And it’s a great tool for editing short clips of movies together. You know that small point-and-shoot digital camera you got years back? Use Windows Live Movie Maker to stitch together clips you create using that camera. Add effects, background music and pictures; it’s easy!

Unless you’re trying to edit video frame-by-frame. I dislike how you cut clips using Windows Live, as most of the time, cutting clips involves more guesstimation than I would like from a video editing program.

Also, once you start editing video with higher resolution than 420p, clips get a bit choppy when you cut them up.

It’s a great video editing program if you don’t have anything else on your computer, but Apple’s free iMovie software is much better.

Windows Live Mail update

Mail went really slow for me today. I almost shut the program down for good on my computer. But it was a high traffic email day for me, so I’m willing to give Mail another chance.

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