Smith Rock | Beautiful Oregon Desert

So I took a bit of a hike on Smith Rock this past weekend.

If you don’t know, Smith Rock is a state park in Central Oregon that is renowned throughout the country for its rock climbing walls.  It’s a bit of a steep hike up the rock face, and even though their were switchback trails and steps installed in the steeper areas, I was reminded about how out of shape I am when making the ascent.

But making it to the top is worth it. Looking out towards the city of Sisters, you can see a beautiful panoramic of the cascade mountains, making that worth the trek in and of itself. I also recommend checking the other side of the rock to see the beautiful Eastern Oregon desert landscape. There’s really no where else quite like it.

Smith Rock overviewThis is the behemoth that we climbed.  That trail you see on the right is what we hiked up.

Smith Rock from the peak overlooking the urban areas near Sisters city.Here’s the view from the top. Notice the Cascade mountains in the background.

Monkey rock, a famous part of Smith Rock state parkOne of the more noticeable rock faces. From one side, it looks like a monkey’s face.

A view from the top of Smith Rock

Overall, the hike was a great experience, and I’m glad I got to go out there with my friends. I have a genuine distaste for the Oregon desert (having lived in it for so long), but I gained a new appreciation for it after this visit.

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