Weekend Reading: 3/5/2017

Trump’s wiretapping accusation may backfire:

Schumer: ‘The president is in trouble’¬†(Politico): President Trump’s wiretapping accusation seems poised to backfire. Though the claim is likely false, it seems like a no-win situation for the president even if it is true. Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer:

If it’s true, it’s even worse for the president. Because that means that a federal judge, independently elected, has found probable cause that the president, or people on his staff … have probable cause to have broken the law or to have interacted with a foreign agent.

President Trump’s tweet seems to be driving further divides between him and his allies in congress as ¬†congressional Republicans were caught off guard, though they seem to be willing to investigate the matter.

Preliminary reports from CNN also¬†say that the FBI has asked the justice department to refute President Trump’s claims, according to unnamed sources.