No, I’m not talking about the website.

I feel like almost all of the presidential candidates, Democrat and Republican, are almost all the same. Each quibbles over minor issues, and their overall stances are ambiguous at best, save perhaps the issue of foreign policy.  The economy is the issue I think is the issue where most candidates’ stance is ambiguous at best.

The only two people I’m comfortable supporting are Ron Paul and Barack Obama, and even so, I feel Obama is too similar to the other candidates in that his stances are ambiguous. Obama seems to have the demeanor of someone who will make good decisions in office, but this is only a guess at best.

Clinton over Obama

Clinton defeated Obama in the New Hampshire primary.

Clinton is the LAST person I’d vote for given any of the candidates running for president. That’s right. I’d take Mike Huckabee over Clinton.  Fortunately, Obama still looks like he’s going strong into Michigan. It’s a good thing too because it’s looking less and less like Paul’s going to get the Republican nomination. He has my support in the primary, but realistically, it looks like Obama is my only choice candidate who can take the White House.

Ron Paul

An Oregon Daily Emerald columnist writes an article not exactly bashing Ron Paul. Within 24 hours, 64 comments, most of which attack the columnist’s criticism of Paul, have been posted on the Emerald’s website. The only other article receiving this sort of attention was the one bashing Anime.

Screw Liberals posts “Ron Paul sucks” repeatedly. 73 comments.

In fact, search Google blogs “Ron Paul sucks” and take a look at the number of reactionary comments received (I’m expecting a huge increase in the number of hits I receive for typing “Ron Paul Sucks.”)

All this despite the man not even being one of the top 7 candidates. Barack Obama, despite being ahead in the USA Today poll, doesn’t have nearly the internet presence of Paul.

So even though Paul doesn’t have much of a shot winning this term’s election, what does this mean for internet candidates in the future? With the rise in the number of people using the internet and an increasing number of older people logging in constantly, will the internet play a larger role in which candidate is selected? If Paul were to be the most popular candidate on the internet four years from now, would he have a significantly larger fan base?