Up-and-coming PR practitioners: Learn Tech

When we think about the technology revolution, we think about Bill Gates’ vision of a computer in every home. But the revolution extends far beyond that; technology has so radically changed business that David Kirkpatrick believes that every company is a software company. Beyond that, technology has changed the way that businesses can impact society for good.

Areas in technology such as Big Data, SaaS and and Information Technology may not have the same appeal as consumer tech, but the need for good PR in these areas are just as big. Up-and-coming PR practitioners need to understand these areas because these areas are becoming less about technology and more about life.

As the lines become more blurred, the stories we tell our audiences become less “tech” and more “human.” We stop talking about what the cloud is and start talking about how companies such as MobileWorks are increasing the accessibility of technology to low-income households. We stop talking about the amount of data we can store and access remotely and start talking about how doctors are using  information from other hospitals to save people’s lives. These stories are not “technical” stories; they’re human interest stories that have appeal to everyone. As practitioners, we need to be able to know tech well enough to tell these stories to our audiences.


Windows Live Update 2

Windows Live is much more than Mail and Writer. Windows Live Movie Maker and Windows Photo Gallery are two programs I use in addition to Mail and Writer, and as far as free products go, they aren’t too bad. However, as the old adage goes, you get what you pay for.

Windows Live Movie Maker

You can download Windows Live Movie Maker for free from Microsoft’s website. And it’s a great tool for editing short clips of movies together. You know that small point-and-shoot digital camera you got years back? Use Windows Live Movie Maker to stitch together clips you create using that camera. Add effects, background music and pictures; it’s easy!

Unless you’re trying to edit video frame-by-frame. I dislike how you cut clips using Windows Live, as most of the time, cutting clips involves more guesstimation than I would like from a video editing program.

Also, once you start editing video with higher resolution than 420p, clips get a bit choppy when you cut them up.

It’s a great video editing program if you don’t have anything else on your computer, but Apple’s free iMovie software is much better.

Windows Live Mail update

Mail went really slow for me today. I almost shut the program down for good on my computer. But it was a high traffic email day for me, so I’m willing to give Mail another chance.

Windows Live Suite

Ok, I’m thinking about making the switch from traditional web clients (GMail, WordPress, Blogger, ect.) to using Windows Live.


Simply put, these programs are shiny. And like a two-year-old, I am attracted to shiny objects. Will these programs lose their luster? Undoubtedly. Will I find value in using Live programs after using them for a while? That’s the hope. I’m going to try to find out why using these programs is more beneficial than, say, using GMail to keep up on my email. Besides, as far as I know, Live doesn’t have stats for your blog like WordPress and Blogger do. Continue reading

Sprint tries to copy Apple iPhone; AT&T lolz

Apparently, Samsung thinks it can break into the same niche that Apple did by creating a phone, dubbed the ‘Instinct,’ that tries to emulate the iPhone.

The phone does include better voice activation options, but fails to deliver on internet search options by only providing Microsoft Life Search as the only option instead of letting users access the internet from a browser. This shouldn’t be surprising; sprint likes to limit what users get as far as internet content.

Samsung ‘iphone killer’

On top of that, the instinct fails to capture the aesthetic appeals of the iPhone. The iPhone’s touch screen interface perfectly responds to touch commands and adjusts when the phone is rotated. Even though the Instinct may provide the same sense of user friendliness, it doesn’t have the same visual appeal as the iPhone.

Sony says that the phone will fall into the $300 or less price range, and according to rumors, unlimited voice and message services will be available starting at $99.

Of course, you can always purchase a cheaper phone in combination with an iPod touch. You get the best of both worlds and save a bundle!