My little experiment

Wow, this little “blog everyday” experiment is growing on me. I like it because it forces me to stop and think about exactly what it is that I’m thinking about. It clears my head for a precious few minutes because it forces me to dump a part of myself on screen. The more difficult it is to write, the harder I have to think, and the better my posts become.

I’m really looking forward to November when I get to read everything I posted this month. I’m curious how much of what I post is quality and how much is just “fluff.”

Mood Recession

If economists measure recessions in quarters and finance people measure recessions in months, I think I’m going to measure mine in days.

I think I can best describe my mood as slightly less than optimistic. Things haven’t clicked for me yet the way they do in terms previous. I think either I don’t have my routine pat down yet or I am forgetting something important that needs to be done. Or maybe I’m feeling stressed from the lack of stress in my life (I hope not; what a vicious trap that would be).

Whatever it is, I hope it goes away.

I also missed my posting goal by a 1/2 hour.


I’m having one of those days. You know, the ones where everything you try to do blows up in your face? The ones where you can’t think rationally, think coherently, act normally? The ones where even your thoughts turn against you?

Yeah, it’s one of those. I don’t know what is throwing me off; maybe it’s malnutrition, maybe it’s the cup of coffee I drank this morning, maybe it’s getting up at 10 (slept at 2), or maybe it’s from a bunch of stress that has finally caught up to me. Whatever it is, it’s put a major hamper on my day.

So if I saw you today and I acted a little wierd, that’s why.

My daily wrapup

1. I’m gonna try to post every day in October from now on. Maybe I’ll be able to do this, maybe not. I’m actually interested to see how many ‘substantial’ posts I can come up with and compare it to a normal month.. like September.

2. I’m stuck on the ‘Situation Analysis’ part of my communications plan. Who would have thought this would have been so hard?

3. I learned a great deal about our current economic situation, and I’ll post about it later. But just real quick, here are some sites/sources of info that have helped me out: and The latter comes from someone I’ve been following on Twitter and FriendFeed. He usually has pretty good commentary on the current economic crisis.

So far

I don’t know how many times I’ve said it so far, but I think it bears repeating: this term is finally in full swing.

With one week down, I think I have a pretty good feel for how my classes work this term. And to top it off, I’m on top of all my classes. And by on top, I mean taking charge of projects and leading discussions. It’s a pretty good feeling, especially since some of the projects I’m doing can be used in my portfolio.

I’m involved in PRSSA this term, and I really don’t know what to say about it. It’s kind of odd not having a leadership position or having the same amount of knowledge about the group as I had with ISA. Sometimes, I wish I could revert back to ISA because I’m more comfortable there, but I know that going back would be counterintuitive. Besides, there are many opportunities for me to grow as a professional in PRSSA that I’d be foolish if I didn’t go.

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Back to School special

Usually, there is such a stark contrast between summer/winter/spring break for me that the transition between the two has been violently turbulent. This term, however, the transition from summer break to fall term has been soft and relatively peaceful.

I guess it’s because I’ve had time to let loose before school started. Between working for ODF and starting fall term, I had a month to kill, and I feel like I really killed it. Between football games, trips to Vancouver (BC!) and hanging out with my friends, I’ve found myself back in the UO/Eugene niche that I’d abandon for 2 months.

And just in time too. With classes starting tomorrow, I need to stay on top of my game in terms of attentiveness and preparation. Where in years past, a sense of restlessness kept getting in the way of me performing to my potential level of excellence, I took my time during break to indulge in that restlessness in order to better focus on my school work and my future career. I now feel more focused and prepared for this year than I’ve ever felt for any school year, and I feel that I need that now more than I ever have.