I made my first real batch of fried rice today!

I went to market of choice because I was out of food and starving to death. Picked up some pork, green onions, eggs, oyster sauce, basil, and extra virgin olive oil. Cooked the rice while cutting the pork into strips and mixing oyster sauce, basil, green onions, fish sauce, and soy sauce in one bowl. After the rice was done prepared a pan and a pot by covering them with olive oil. Set the pan on 6 and the pot on 5 (oven settings), threw the sauce concoction into the pot and the pork into the pan. While the meat was cooking, I added a sweet garlic sauce mix I got from Market of Choice to the pan so that the meat could cook in it. Next, I whisked an egg and added it to the pot and stirred until the egg was 90% cooked. Then, I added the rice and stirred while keeping an eye on my pork. The rice was finished much quicker than the pork was, so I used my rice cooker cover to keep the rice from getting cold.

In hindsight, the rice was a little too salty and could have benefited from some chili powder, but it was delicious still. The sweet garlic sauce definitely regulated the flavor. And the best part is, my cooking didn’t kill me!