Up-and-coming PR practitioners: Learn Tech

When we think about the technology revolution, we think about Bill Gates’ vision of a computer in every home. But the revolution extends far beyond that; technology has so radically changed business that David Kirkpatrick believes that every company is a software company. Beyond that, technology has changed the way that businesses can impact society for good.

Areas in technology such as Big Data, SaaS and and Information Technology may not have the same appeal as consumer tech, but the need for good PR in these areas are just as big. Up-and-coming PR practitioners need to understand these areas because these areas are becoming less about technology and more about life.

As the lines become more blurred, the stories we tell our audiences become less “tech” and more “human.” We stop talking about what the cloud is and start talking about how companies such as MobileWorks are increasing the accessibility of technology to low-income households. We stop talking about the amount of data we can store and access remotely and start talking about how doctors are using  information from other hospitals to save people’s lives. These stories are not “technical” stories; they’re human interest stories that have appeal to everyone. As practitioners, we need to be able to know tech well enough to tell these stories to our audiences.

KONY 2012: Social Media Blitz

Joseph Kony is a warlord in central Africa who forces the children he kidnaps to become child soldiers or sex slaves. And NGO Invisible Children wants to make him famous for it.

Invisible Children believes that simply making people aware of Joseph Kony will cause people to take action and bring him to justice. Their tactics include utilizing social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube in combination with underground media (posters, fliers and campaign lawn signs).

What’s exciting about them, however, is that they’re finding lots of success in the social media space. They’re succeeding where so many marketing, PR and social media firms fail. As far as I know, their success is a result of their message and their relationship with key influencers such as Rihanna, George Clooney and Justin Bieber.

I hope more details surface about Invisible Children’s success in social media. I’m sure whatever they did to gain recognition in the space will be the subject of case studies by PR professionals and others making their living in social, and I’m excited to see how an NGO can leave its mark on an industry I’m involved with.

For more information about the campaign, check out their website, Twitter feed and YouTube channel. Also, give their Facebook page a visit and pay attention to how they used Facebook’s timeline feature.


The Washington Post has an excellent article breaking down how Invisible Children connected with key influencers to help make their campaign viral.

Windows Live Update 2

Windows Live is much more than Mail and Writer. Windows Live Movie Maker and Windows Photo Gallery are two programs I use in addition to Mail and Writer, and as far as free products go, they aren’t too bad. However, as the old adage goes, you get what you pay for.

Windows Live Movie Maker

You can download Windows Live Movie Maker for free from Microsoft’s website. And it’s a great tool for editing short clips of movies together. You know that small point-and-shoot digital camera you got years back? Use Windows Live Movie Maker to stitch together clips you create using that camera. Add effects, background music and pictures; it’s easy!

Unless you’re trying to edit video frame-by-frame. I dislike how you cut clips using Windows Live, as most of the time, cutting clips involves more guesstimation than I would like from a video editing program.

Also, once you start editing video with higher resolution than 420p, clips get a bit choppy when you cut them up.

It’s a great video editing program if you don’t have anything else on your computer, but Apple’s free iMovie software is much better.

Windows Live Mail update

Mail went really slow for me today. I almost shut the program down for good on my computer. But it was a high traffic email day for me, so I’m willing to give Mail another chance.

New Phone

Yes, Black Monday is the staple day for consumerism, and I had to partake, if only a little bit. As you guys may know, I was a little overdue for a new phone, so my mom took me down to the Sprint store (she’s the account holder, and I don’t have a car I can use).

It took me 20 minutes to pick out a phone, but I finally decided on the LG RUMOR (black).

It comes with a camera, a slide out QWERTY keyboard (as shown), MicroSD card slot, and MP3 Capabilities. I haven’t had an opportunity to talk on it much, but I’ve messed around with the other features.

The slide out keyboard works great. The screen adjusts automatically whenever the keyboard is pulled out and automatically displays texting options when the screen is on the home menu.

The MP3 Sound quality is pretty good for one speaker. I’ve seen other QWERTY keyboard phones with two speakers offering stereo sound, but the sound quality on the RUMOR suffices.

The camera is a 1.3 Megapixel, and with my 1GB SD card (not included, you have to buy it yourself), I can take photos and videos at the same quality that I can with my Digital Camera at home, and my memory card will hold more! I know, it’s time to upgrade my camera.

So far, I’m very satisfied with my new phone. Reception seems to be pretty good in most locations around Klamath Falls, but of course, I’ll be using the phone primarily in Eugene.